WDC Social Dance Committee


Mr. Ferenc Polai
Interim Chairman
WDC Social Dance Committee

A warm welcome to the Social Dance Committee of the WDC!


With great pleasure I have accepted to be appointed by the presidium of the WDC as the Interim Chairman of the Social Dance Committee in February 2018. Since then, I have accepted the challenge with great joy. 


Running one of the biggest social dance schools in the European region for more than 40 years, social dancing is a subject very close to my heart and I believe to have the experience necessary to take the social dance worldwide to a new standard.


For me, Social Dance is the foundation of the WDC and its successful competitors


A favourite pastime activity of many people, social dancing keeps developing all the time. Every day, new trends in dancing evolving, teachers seeking to improve their skills, schools thinking about how to better cater for their customers. As the Interim Chairman of the Social Dance Committee I am aiming to connect those people who want to stay up-to-date with the most recent developments. Networking, exchanging ideas with teachers and schools from different regional and cultural backgrounds is our key to ensure that social dance will even grow in size and popularity. Based on the result of a questionnaire sent to our member organizations in January 2018, I have learnt that the key items asked for are Congresses and Newsletters. Starting from 2019 there will be more possibilities to choose from! Furthermore, the World Dance Program will receive an update to help all teachers to better organize their classes. 


Details will be announced through the Newsletter of the WDC Social Dance Committee, which you should receive through your national member body. 


It will remain a challenge to persuade all national members to actively cooperate and forward the work of an international institution to those on the base who connect with social dancers every day, but I hope I can also rely on your input and help! Don’t hesitate to also contact me directly in case you have some suggestions or comments towards the WDC SDC.


But I shall not forget to thank those members who have been supporting the SDC from the very beginning by providing information about their national situation and by expressing their expectations towards the committee. It is only with your help that we can grow.


To a good cooperation and future of the WDC Social Dance!


Yours sincerely, 


Ferry Polai 

Interim Chairman of the WDC Social Dance Commmittee