Social Dance Executive Board (SDEB)



Interim Chairman - Social Dance Executive Board

Vice-President WDC Ltd.

Mr. Ferenc Polai












Mrs. Evenlyn Hörmann






Mr. Alain Milette & Social Dance Secretary







Ms. Milana Jasinskyte







Co-opted advisors to the DEB:

Mr. Zhang Xiang Guo (Peoples Republic of China)

Co-opted Advisor China
• United Nation Information Development Organization
Culture and Art Ministry in China, Director General
• World Dance Council Amateur League-Asia Vice Chairman
• World Dance Council National Dance Council (China)
• Yuan Dong Dance Teachers' Association President

Mr. Alexey Belyaev (Russia)

Co-opted Advisor Eastern Europe
• Professor Medical Academy of physical culture and sports
Of St.Petersburg
• President Saint-Petersburg Dance Company
“Vivat International”
• Life fellow UKA
• International WDC Adjudicator

Mr. Niki Seifert (Austria)

Mr. Rudi Trautz (Germany)



The SDEB will organize its work through the following Departments, some will in addition
also be advisors to the board:

WDC Chief Examiner- Rudi Trautz
Examination Department Secretary - CO-OPTED – Morten Andresen
Medallist Department – Alain Millete
Members Registration Department - Niki Seifert
Advisor Asia & Pacific Area – Walter Wat
Advisor America – Alain Millette



The above members of the Social Dance Executive Board were elected at the 2017 Annual
Meeting of the WDC Social Dance Committee, held in Blackpool, England .