Gary McDonald co-opted to the WDC Board of Directors

Dear valued members,

Dear all,

The WDC Board of Directors is delighted to announce, that upon the retirement of Mr. Brian McDonald from the WDC Board of Directors, Mr. Gary McDonald, Senior Vice-Chairman of the CDEB has been co-opted to the WDC Board of Directors with immediate effect.

Gary brings an abundance of experience from his work within NDCA and his long-standing Vice-Chairmanship within the WDC to his new position on the Board.

His unwavering loyalty and great energy will be a great asset to the Board.

Gary has informed us that he decided to retire from his Senior Vice-Chairmanship of the CDEB with immediate effect due to his appointment to the Board.

The WDC President and Board members extend their best wishes to Gary and look forward to a fruitful working relationship for the benefit of the World Dance Council

Welcome to the Team Gary !

Hannes Emrich

On behalf of the WDC President and Board of Directors.