Press release – Anti-Doping Violation

The WDC Anti-Doping Department has to report that Max Khuzhayrov was tested positive with the Beta-2 Agonists/Fenoterol at the Ballroom Show Dance Championship on December the 15th 2019 in Vienna.

This is a medicine prescribed against Asthma and Allergies and is on the WADA List of Prohibited Substances. The substance is performing enhancing and the amount of Fenoterol found was well over the necessary amount for treating Asthma.

Max Khuzhayrov admitted that he had taken the substance and did not want the B-sample to be opened and tested.

After Max Khuzhayrov refused the first verdict of the Disciplinary Commission to pay a fine of 750€ to the Competitors Commission the case was escalated to the BOD of WDC.

The Board of Directors of WDC has reached the decision that Max Khuzhayrov would be banned from dancing any competition until the 31st of December 2020, and his result at the event would be deleted.

Please competitors be aware that it is highly unfair against your fellow competitors to use any substances that are on the WADA List of Prohibited Substances.

If you are required to take a medication on the list of prohibited substances you have to get a Therapeutical Use Exemption before the competition and apply for this with the WDC Anti-Doping Doctor.

Rudi Trautz

WDC Anti-Doping Commissioner