R.I.P Tetsuo Kezuka

R.I.P Tetsuo Kezuka – Great Statesman,  Ten-Dance Champion &  Renowned Teacher
With great sadness, the WDC President and Board of Directors have just received the news, that Mr. Tetsuo Kezuka has passed away.

Apart from being a world statesman and the ultimate human being, Tetsuo, with his partner Chieko Yamamoto, also was a great champion,

10 times winner of the All Japan championships, and therefore one of the foremost icons of Japanese Ballroom Dancing.

Tetsuo pioneered and founded the Japanese Society J.C.F. and was a most respected and revered voice on the WDC NDC for Japan for many many years.

Tetsuo and his brother Mickey Kezuka, (together with Mickey’s wife Momo) won the hearts of all the dance world with their infectious personalities not only on, but equally off the dance floor in their competitive days in London and all over Europe. Mickey and Momo are organizers of the world-famous World Superstars Dance Festival each year in Tokyo, Japan. Many dance aficionados will recall the heyday of Japanese competitors when Mickey/Momo,Tetsuo/Chieko, and Hiro and Yoko Torii were regular and immensely popular professional grand finalists in all the majors during their concurrent competitive careers. Indeed, they have remained close and inseparable friends throughout the decades until present day.

We pray from the bottom of our heart that his soul may rest in peace.

Tetsuo, we salute and miss you and extend our sincere condolences not only to his near family, but to our Japanese dance family too.

With sincere condolences,

Hannes Emrich

On behalf of the WDC President & Officers