Welcome to the WDC Scrutineering Department

The WDC does, since 2022, hold seminars & examinations to qualify WDC scrutineers. This International Certificate enables persons to scrutineer all WDC  & WDC AL recognised events, granted titles and Championships.
Furthermore, the certificate is a vital part of the WDC Chairman’s qualification.

The Scrutineering & Examination Department:
Hannes Emrich – WDC Scrutineering Examiner
Marcel van der Kruk – WDC Scrutineering Examiner

Please contact us for Seminar dates or to take the WDC Scrutineering Exam.
Email: [email protected]
Future Seminar & Exam dates: November 2023 – Dutch Open Dance Festival, Assen
If you wish to organise a seminar & examinations for your country organisation, please contact us on the email as above.

List of WDC qualified Scrutineers:
Hannes Emrich -Austria
Marcel van der Kruk – Netherlands
Warren Brown – Scotland
Dimitrios Karavas -Greece
Zhivo Yankov – Greece
Alexandros Fykias – Greece
Maarten Brankaert – Netherlands
Samantha Brankaert – Netherlands
Armando Basto – Portugal
Samuel Fereira – Portugal
Sergio Lima – Portugal

Directory of licensed WDC Scrutineers for the current year