WDC Press Release -Anastasia Murayeva appointed as Executive Presidential Assistant

It is with an immense amount of pleasure and excitement that I herewith announce that Miss Anastasia Murayeva has accepted to join me in the capacity as  Executive Presidential Assistant to myself as President and my colleagues on the Board of Directors of the World Dance Council (WDC).
We are certain that many dance fans and aficionados world-wide will know only too well the prowess of Anastasia with her partner Victor Fung and their meritorious record on the Professional ballroom dance floor tallying up winning the prestigious Professional Ballroom title at Blackpool and 2 times United States  Professional Ballroom Championship title.
What many people might not however be aware of, is that Anastasia is as astute and accomplished off the dance floor as on it with very many worthy accolades and strings to her bow.  Intelligent, Perceptive, Direct, and Steadfast, she has understandably built up a  myriad of contacts and following throughout the world and will benefit the Council and President through her advice and in areas including, but not limited to, Competitive Ballroom Affairs, Mid to Eastern European contacts, Asian territory, and will bring a refreshing whirlwind and dynamic to the Board of Directors with direct representation of competitor’s views and interests in that slipstream.  
Anastasia will be joining with Caterina Arzenton in bringing not only female, but expert perspective to our 70 years of heritage and world of dance!  
Dear Anastasia, welcome to the team! 

Donnie Burns MBE
WDC President