WDC Press Release – P.R. China

The WDC President and Board of Directors would like to issue the following Press Release regarding the WDC member and Dance Community of the P.R China.

After the conclusion of a lengthy WDC investigation into the activities of CDC China (China Cultural Media Jinxiu Education Technology Co. Ltd.), the WDC Board of Directors rendered the following decisions for the continued benefit of the Chinese Dancing Community, to be effective immediately:

1.      TO accept the resignation of Mr. Yuan Bin from the position of Vice-President of the World Dance Council Ltd.
2.      TO remove all extra conditions and exclusivity for license issuances from CDC China as per the NDC addendum, which is also revoked with immediate effect.
3.      TO revoke all Examiners’ positions and WDC China Committee positions awarded by Yuan Bin and CDC China.
4.      TO suspend the membership of CDC China with immediate effect 

Except for the registered name “World Dance Council Ltd.”, none of the trademarks or company names are valid or authorized to be used on behalf of the WDC.

The WDC has already received numerous applications for membership to the WDC NDC for the P.R. China and will evaluate all in considered fashion, based on their merits.

Yours sincerely,
Hannes Emrich
On behalf of the WDC President and Board of Directors.