Competitive Dance

Welcome to the pages of the WDC Ltd World Competitive Dance Committee

World Competitive Dance Committee

The business of the World Competitive Dance Committee is controlled by the structure and guidelines of the WDC Ltd, which the Compettive Dance Members improve and update at the annual meetings of the World Competitive Dance Committee. Under the Articles of Association, Regulations and Guidelines, of the WDC Ltd, every Member is encouraged to adopt the structure of the Council and form a D Competitive Dance section within their organisation. The World Competitive Dance Committee Register is a listing of the Competitive Dance organisations and/or Competitive Dance contacts in each of the Members of the Council.

Competitive Dance Executive Board

The general buisness of the Competitive Dance section is looked after by the Competitive Dance Executive Board, (CDEB), which is elected every three years by the Competitive Dance Members at the annual meeting of the World Competitive Dance Committee.

WDC Ltd Competitive Dance Championships and Titles

As a standing committee of the WDC Ltd the World Competitive Dance Committee deals with, and recommends to the General Council, business improvements for Professional Dancing This involves the allocation of World and Intercontinental Dance Championships and Titles and the continuous review of the Competition Rules that control them.

WDC Ltd World Super Series in Ballroom & Latin

The CDEB are delighted at having established a WDC World Super Series made up of the leading “Open” Professional Dancing events. The Series ranking is based on a points system that is rolled over from year to year.

WDC Ltd International Registered Professionals

The Rules and Guidelines of the General Council and Competitive Dance Committee require professional Adjudicators and Competitors to be registered with the WDC Ltd, via their national Member Organisation of the Council. This registration enables them to Adjudicate and Compete outside the boundaries of the country, for which they are registered. It is recommended that only correctly registered Adjudicators and Competitors, with the WDC Ltd, be invited to Adjudicate and Compete internationally. You can find the directory under “Competitive Dance” in the main menu.

World Competitive Dancing Calendar

The Professional Dancing Calendar has become the most frequently visited pages of this website. Every known recognised Professional Dance event is included in this Calendar. A filter has been built in to this Calendar for those only wishing to look for specific sections, (Standard, Latin or Other Styles). Non-Recognised events are not included.