WDC Event Applications

Welcome to the WDC Event applications page.

The following WDC Events & Championships can be applied for at this moment in time Please see the following listing and price list as follows:

World Standard Championship License Fee£3,000.00
World Latin Championship License Fee£3,000.00
World Ten Dance Championship License Fee£3,000.00
World Ballroom Showdance Championship License Fee£3,000.00
World Latin-American Showdance Championship License Fee£3,000.00
World Masters License Fee£3,300.00
European Ballroom Championship License Fee£2,500.00
European Latin Championship License Fee£2,500.00
European Ten Dance Championship License Fee£2,500.00
European Ballroom Showdance Championship License Fee£1,000.00
European Latin American-Showdance Championship License Fee£1,000.00
Pro-Am Championships License Fee£3,000.00
WDC World Cup Granted Title Fee£ 1000.00
Recognised Professional Title Fee – per title£ 500.00
World Ranking Series Title Fee£ 800.00
Other Granted Titles as per requestTBA

The following Championships are currently unallocated and can be applied for:

2019 European Professional BALLROOM Championships
2019 European Professional BALLROOM-SHOW-DANCE Championships

2020 World Professional BALLROOM-SHOW-DANCE Championships
2020 European Professional 10-DANCE Championships
2020 European Professional LATIN-SHOW-DANCE Championships

2021 World Professional 10-DANCE Championships
2021World Professional BALLROOM-SHOW-DANCE Championships
2021 European Professional BALLROOM Championships
2021 European Professional 10-DANCE Championships
2021 European Professional LATIN-SHOW-DANCE Championships
2021 European Professional BALLROOM-SHOW-DANCE Championships

2022 World Professional 10-DANCE Championships
2022 World Professional LATIN-SHOW-DANCE Championships
2022 World Professional BALLROOM-SHOW-DANCE Championships
2022 European Professional BALLROOM Championships
2022 European Professional 10-DANCE Championships
2022 European Professional LATIN-SHOW-DANCE Championships
2022 European Professional BALLROOM-SHOW-DANCE Championships

Please use the following application form and send the form to the Competitive Dance Office Secretary, Nicole Hansen on [email protected] or the CDC Chairman , Fred Bijster on [email protected]