General Council

Welcome to the World Dance Council

The WDC is the world authority for Professional Dancing incorporating the World Competitive Dance Committee and the World Social Dance Committee.

The WCDC deals with Professional Competitive Dancing, the other, WSDC, with Dance Schools and Dance Teachers.

The World Dance Council Ltd, until 1st June 2006 known as the World Dance & Dance Sport Council Ltd (WD&DSC), fomerly the International Council of Ballroom Dancing (ICBD), was established on 22nd September 1950 in Edinburgh, Scotland.

A small group of 22 professionals, from 12 countries created what has today become the leading authority on Professional Dancing throughout the world.

The aims of the Council are to encourage and promote dancing through its membership.

The members elect the Presidium, (Company Directors/Vice-Presidents) every three years. New members are elected by the members at the annual meetings of the General Council.

All current members of the WDC can be found in the members register  under General Council of this site.

The WDC is committed to their goal of encouraging and promoting dance through its broad world membership. Furthermore, the WDC are also committed to promoting dance by taking a more commercialised approach to running the World Championship Title events. Involving sponsors in these events and attracting multi-media to share this exciting and fast growing activity (as evidenced by movie and television hit sensations), will serve to benefit and encourage participating professional dancers and involve others.

As you browse through the numerous pages of this website I am sure you will find the information on any aspect of the Dance  profession that you are looking for.

The site has been specifically divided into three sections to help you go straight to the section you are looking for.

Should you not find the information, you are searching for, please contact our WDC Head Office on Email: [email protected] from where we will be delighted to assist you further.

In the meantime allow me to wish you “Happy Dancing” where ever you may be in the world.

Donnie Burns MBE