2019 WDC Presidents Dinner and Awards

The Alex Moore President’s Award for Service to the Dance Community in Asia:

Presented by :- Ariel Llanilo
Winner :- Samantha Kwan

The Bill and Bobbie Irvine President’s Award for Ballroom Professional contribution .

Presented by :- John Kimmins
Winner :- Victor Fung and Anastasia

The Nina Hunt President’s Award for contribution to Latin American Dance as an Art-form.

Presented by :- John Tan
Winner :- Slavik Kryklyyvy and Karina Smirnoff

The Tone Nyhagen President’s Award for support of Dance :-

Presented by :-  Flora Miller
Winner :- John Gates & Stephen Knight of Fred Astaire’s

The June McMurdo President’s Award for support of Dancers and contribution to Dance and  Dance Schools.

Presented by :- Kara Arnsgrimsdottir
Winner :- Linda Bellinger

The Benny Tolmeyer President’s Award to a current icon still competing.

Presented by :- Ekaterine Archaia
Winner :- Riccardo Cocchi and Yulia Zaguruychenko

The WDC President’s  Amateur Latin Award to the World Champions 2019.

Presented by :-  Claus Wodstrup
Winners :- Klemen Prasnikar and Sasha Averkieva

The  WDC President’s Award to the Professional Latin Showdance Champions 2019.

Presented by :- Meryem Pearson
Winners :- Andrey Paramanov & Natalie Paramanov

The WDC President’s Award to the World Professional 10-Dance Champions 2019

Presented by :- Jean-Pierre de Pelsmaker 
Winners :- Nikolay Govorov & Evgenia Tolstaya

The President’s Bobby Short Award for outstanding services to the WDC and BDC

Presented by:  Heidi Burns
Winner: Len Armstrong 

The Walter Laird  President’s Award for Lifetime Achievement and contribution to the World of Dance:

Presented by :- Gaynor Fairweather M.B.E.
Winner : Kristi McDonald