Rest in peace Maestro Adalberto Dell’Orto

The WDC President and Officers would like to extend their sincere condolences on behalf of the WDC Dancing family, as the international dance community mourns the loss of unforgettable icon, Maestro Adalberto Dell’Orto. Born in 1937, he left an indelible mark on dance and dedicated his life to its elevation and proliferation. Beginning his career in 1962, he gained numerous awards, peaking in 1978 winning the Italian Standard Professionals Championship.

Dell’Orto was not just an exceptional dancer, he made notable contributions beyond his personal accolades. An innovator, he managed and promoted eminent dance events, leading to the creation of one of Italy’s prestigious dance festivals.

His leadership and passion led him to pivotal roles within major dance organizations. He was a President of the Italian Board of Ballroom Dancing (CIB), the Italian Council of Dance Sport (CIDS), and served in the National Association of Dance Masters (ANMB) for 25 years, demonstrating commitment to dance at all levels.

His legacy was honored through appointments as Honorary President of the Italian Dance Council (IDC) and Honorary member of the World Dance Council.

Hannes Emrich
On behalf of the WDC President & Board of Directors