Warren Brown new interim CDC Chairman.

The WDC President & Board of Directors are delighted to announce that after the tragic passing of Mr. Fred Bijster, and a period of serious deliberation, Mr. Warren Brown, who currently is serving as a Vice-Chairman on the CDEB has agreed to take on the task as Interim Chairman of the Competition Dance Committee of the World Dance Council, serving therefore as Chairman of that Board, and sitting as Interim Vice President on the Board of Directors of W.D.C.

Warren is extremely experienced with decades of being a director of the British Dance Council for the Scottish Dance Teachers Alliance (SDTA), and an equally long-time delegate to the WDC.

He is not only knowledgeable and well versed on all procedures & the WDC Rules and Articles, but has a calm and wise demeanour that will steer the CDEB in the most fruitful way possible.

The Board wholeheartedly endorses this appointment and wishes Warren, the world-wide family of dancers, and our competitors in 63 countries with a 71-year history, all the best in this new role.

Hannes Emrich

On behalf of the WDC President & Board of Directors.