Disclaimer to be Signed by all WDC Competitors, Adjudicators & Officials

Dear valued members, dear Competitors, dear Adjudicators and Officials,

Obligatory WDC Disclaimer Form to be signed

Please find attached the obligatory WDC Disclaimer form to be signed by all WDC-registered competitors, adjudicators and officials.This form will have to be signed and returned at your earliest convenience to the WDC Competitive Dance Office and all disclaimers will be strictly administered by the Competitive Dance Executive Board and Office only.

No WDC granted-titles can be attended without this form being signed by each individual nor will there be any licenses renewed next year without prior receipt of this signed form.

Please forward the attached disclaimer forms to all your registered adjudicators and competitors and send them back to this office:

WDC Competitive Dance Office: [email protected]

Please add your WDC-registration number next to your name on the form.

Kind regards
Nicole HansenWDC Competitive Dance Office