Social Dance Newsletter – June 2023

Dear valued member bodies,

we may write this Newsletter to you reporting on our annual meetings in Blackpool 2023. We may inform you that the Social Dance Executive Board (SDEB) was newly elected this year. I may thank the SDEB for being ready to take the responsibility. I am looking forward to great cooperation and new projects.

I may introduce the newly elected board:

Ferry Polai – SDC Chairman – Austria

Christoph Möller – Senior Vice Chairman – Germany

Dimitrios Karavas – Vice Chairman – Greece

Niki Seifert – Vice Chairman – Austria

Jiri Plaminek – Vice Chairman – Czech Republic

Francois Visele – Vice Chairman – France

I would like to congratulate all members of the newly elected board.

Moreover, I would like to thank Mr. Henning Christensen and Mr. Alain Milette for their work throughout the last period and wish them all the best!

The SDEB has already decided on new projects. We will organize and conduct Social Dance Championships titled “Social Dance World Trophy” in different countries. The WDC Board of Directors has already agreed to this idea. These competitions will be conducted as following:  generally people attending dance classes can participate in these competitions until they reach a “hobby level”. The competition starts with a first sighting round without elimination. In this round there will be three ballroom (EW, T, QS) and three latin dances (CC, R, J) to be danced. The participants will then be separated into three groups according to their level. There could be groups A, B, C. In the best group A there will be an additional dance; the Viennese waltz in ballroom and the Samba in Latin dancing. This makes it possible for all competitors to dance against people of the same level and for many to reach a semifinal or final.

The judges should be dance teachers who have licenses in their countries.

Of course also other dance styles like Salsa, Bachata, Discofox or Argentine Tango,… can be included.

Dates for such competitions will be soon online on

Furthermore, the SDEB would like to organize further Social Dance Congresses. However, we are aware that many countries already have their own congresses for dance teachers. This is great and, therefore, we would like to recommend to all countries to include an International Social Dance Day in your congresses. This means that an or some international experts could join your congress and give lectures. The lectures should be selected by the WDC in cooperation with each country. Costs for the lectures can be covered by the WDC.  

Please feel free to contact us via [email protected] to organize your international dance day at you national congresses!

We would also like to draw your attention to our Instagram page wdc_socialdancedepartment. Follow us to never miss any new updates and info. Feel also free to check the World Dance Council Facebook Group and of course the WDC Website for information on the SDC Branch!

Please do not hesitate to contact us if there are any questions.

Kind regards

Ferry Polai