WDC & WDC AL Fundraiser – Ukrainian Dancers Relief Fund

Dear all,

In recent days the entire world has witnessed the heroic effort of the Ukrainian people to defend their country. The devastation is unspeakable and the WDC & WDC AL together with the entire dance world stand united in their support for the Ukrainian people and especially the dance community in desperate need of help.

The WDC & WDC AL have therefore created a special and separate Ukrainian Relief Fund account to aid Ukrainian dancers in need with full accountability and transparency to the entire world. We decided to not go down the GoFundMe route to ensure that the entire amount donated reaches the ones in need without banking institutions taking their cut.  We are putting our own hands in our own pockets to make sure that the money goes unhindered into the pockets that need it.

The WDC has already pledged $ 5000 as an initial donation to the fund and has received assurances that equal donations will be received by other dance organizations.

WDC AL has also pledged $ 5000.  But any gift coming straight from your heart is welcome. 

We have been working tirelessly behind the scenes to put together a coalition of the most reputable institutions our dance world family has to offer, and are delighted to announce that the NDCA, Arthur Murray’s and BECL have agreed to support and spearhead this humanitarian effort. They also all have pledged 5000 US$ each to the relief fund !

We now appeal to you for HELP!

Help the Ukraine and their dancers who are facing this unbelievable tragedy.

Please make your donations to:

Account Name: World Dance Council Ltd. Ukraine Relief Fund

Bank Name: Allg. Sparkasse OOE Bank

Bank Address:  Vogelfängerweg 17, 4030 Linz, Austria

Sort. Code: 20320

Euro Account Number: 32100-00625131

IBAN: AT82 2032 0321 0062 5131